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Story behind Sesera

The origin of the name Sesera is the Japanese word Seseragi (せせらぎ), which means murmur or whisper of a stream. This beautiful old word portrays the image of gently flowing clear water and its natural path. Such a water course is associated with liveliness and the mutual influencing of different cultures as the stream eventually grows into a river, passing diverse places and countries until it finally pours into the ocean.

Kiriko is a certified trainer, coach and moderator of cross-cultural dialogues with over a decade of experience.

Being native Japanese, she spent her childhood and adolescence solely in Japan.


Wanting to see what’s outside, she moved abroad and studied journalism at Ithaca College in the USA before working as an English-language reporter for the international news agency Agence France-Presse (AFP) in Tokyo.


Her fascination for working in the international media industry and communicating what happens in the Japanese society led to the discovery of her passion of working cross-culturally in Europe.


Based in Munich, Germany, Kiriko has been entrusted for seven years as an official representative of Shiga Prefecture to forge German Japanese regional partnerships in industry and culture. In addition, she is engaging herself in academic research activities. She is certified as a cross-cultural trainer and moderator (DGKIT) as well as a systemic coach (ISTOB).


She serves as a board member of German Japanese Society in Bavaria (Deutsch-Japanische Gesellschaft in Bayern e.V.), responsible for launching and moderating cultural events. At the same time, she represents a non-profit sport club for the Brazilian martial art capoeira in Munich. Being a state-accredited sports instructor for kids, Kiriko hopes to make a contribution to ease social integration through the joy of exercising sports.


Her love for the Afro-Brazilian rhythm together with interactively acrobatic movements meets Kiriko’s search for tranquility in Zen-Buddhism. With all of her combined life experiences, Kiriko is able to communicate the true passion and joy of cross-cultural dialogue.


Professional memberships

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