My principle

There isn't a single ready-made recipe. Every encounter is unique.


How I work

Creativity in training room - dynamic exchange - focus on individual cases - friendly, trusting atmosphere

  • Tailor-made training concept fully adapted to the business field and surrounding situation of participants

  • Thought-provoking methods to explore “why?” and “what’s behind?”

  • Practical application of simulations, exercises and case studies

  • Training follow-up program through coaching and webinars


with passion

  • Cross-cultural training on Japan for European enterprises and organizations

  • Cross-cultural training on Europe for Japanese enterprises and organizations

  • Cross-cultural preparation for international assignments for company employees and their families

Services are available in English, German and Japanese.



with passion

  • Cross-cultural coaching for corporate leaders and private persons

  • Preparation for foreign assignments

  • Preparation of relocation also for family members

  • Consulting for cross-cultural challenges at work

    • mergers and acquisitions

    • leading  a cross-cultural team

    • establishing a business unit with focus on Japan

Services are available in English, German and Japanese.




with passion

  • International kick-off meeting

  • International team-building workshops

  • Combination of cross-cultural training and team-building workshops

  • Change management workshops in cooperation with change factory

Services are available in English, German and Japanese. I moderate cross-cultural workshops, if necessary, by switching between these languages.

Based on clients’ needs, I collaborate with senior expert trainers in specific areas (examples: project management, marketing…)



with passion

Moderation of cross-cultural events

Available in English, German and Japanese.


If necessary, I interpret and moderate at the same time to make events interactive and lively.



with passion

  • training

  • coaching

  • workshops

  • event moderation

Here are some voices of my participants from a virtual cross-cultural training on Japan, Dec. 2020:

"A very charismatic trainer who is highly engaged and friendly. It was a very good training although it could only take place virtually."

"It was a wonderful sense of belonging and trust which I'd never experienced in an external seminar before."