Cross-cultural training
Step one: understanding

- practical, comprehensive and moving –

Do you have business relationships to Japan? Or do you work for a Japanese company? Have you been surprised how different business customs of your Japanese partners are from those of Europeans’, such as the first get-to-know rituals, ways of building further business ties and key values associated to communication? If your answer is yes, you might find my training helpful.

In my training you will learn about:

  • WHY: the roots of basic cultural differences between Japan and Germany/Europe
  • WHAT: basic knowledge about Japanese culture compared to the culture of your origin
  • HOW: Sensitization to potential cross-cultural challenges with Japanese business partners
  • HOW: Specific case studies to demonstrate how the influence of cultural differences tends to be expressed in daily business
  • TRANSFER: Tips for integrating new and culturally adopting behavioral patterns

In a friendly atmosphere, you will receive
- the maximum learning effects
- through flexibly adopted contents
- With abundant possibilities to exchange with other participants